However, If you have decided that rental is no longer for you, we have an affiliation with Humberts in Stamford and would be very happy to introduce you to them.  They are part of the nationwide Humberts group.

What makes us a better Letting Agent?

Stamford Homes is an independent local Letting Agent. We started this business because we couldn't find an agent who really understood what it was like to be a landlord. We have a number of years' experience of being a Landlord.  We know what makes the difference. Ultimately, it's about getting the right tenant at the right rent, getting them in quickly without any hassle and keeping them there. But there are the small things that make your life easier, like feedback, regular property inspections, maintenance advice and ensuring your property complies with the regulations - without you having to worry about it. We are not miracle workers but we are open, honest and extremely professional.
  • we care about maintaining your asset and maximising your return
  • our fees are very competitive - we are not VAT registered
  • we provide a single point of contact for Landlords
  • we have a 24hour tenant helpline for emergencies
  • we are local independent and highly professional
  • we don't add any additional fees to contractor invoices
  • we have personal and up-to-date knowledge of the local rental market
  • we have access to a wide network of competent and reliable local contractors who don't charge the earth
  • we will customise our service to suit your requirements
  • we care and we enjoy what we do, we won't disappoint!

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